Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions
Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions


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Wrap-n-Dry is an innovative hybrid hair towel, designed to contour comfortably around the head and delicate hairline. Its adjustable Velcro closure, provides the resiliency of a headband maximizing stretch and full hair coverage. Wrap-n-Dry's unique concept allows the hair to hang naturally within the folds of the lightweight, soft and absorbent hair towel, decreasing tangling and breakage associated with tension, shifting, twisting and tucking, while it eliminates the bulk. Mostly, Wrap-n-Dry high quality features is so gracefully elegant it may be used not only at home and backed by Esthetic Professionals all over the world at Hotel Resorts, Spas, Beauty Salons, Beauty School and other similar industries. It compliments the professional draping experience maximizing time efficiency with it's quick wrap technique without the unraveling, while protecting the hair from unwanted products falling into it. Finally, Wrap-n-Dry is sensitive to all hair types, accommodating all textures, including those with mild scalp conditions or who wear hair extensions. The originality of this hair towel puts a spin on simple with it's flexiblity of exquisite definition apart from traditional uses and methods of hair towel. Remarkably, Wrap-n-Dry's quick and easy  application eliminates tucking, tugging, unraveling, sliding, pulling, bulk and tangling; allowing hair to flow freely and encourages hair to remain healthy. 

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Invented by: Cherney Johnson






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Benefits it offers:

1. Minimizes hair breakage associated with tangling and pulling on wet hair

2. Absorbent, Soft, Durable

3. Adjustable Velcro Closure

4. Lightweight

5. Promotes healthy hair

6. Benefits all hair textures

7. One size fit most (sm/med 25" x 25" or med/lg 27" x 25"). Long length TBD

8. Contours around delicate, fragile hairline

9. Bulk Free

10. Offers Full Coverage

11.  Allows hair to naturally hang while drying

12. Alleviates tension on scalp, hair and delicate, fragile edges

13. Reduces drying time

14. Affords maximum comfort to those who suffer from headaches or mild scalp conditions

15. Can be worn to protect dry styled hair from product contaminants

16. Can be personalized with company logo, embroidery or color trim








Benefits Exclusive to Market Financed Inventions Clients:

Exclusive offers are available to you for your spa business, resort, salon or gift. Units orders are available in multiple of twelve. Please note: Single orders are available and can be purchased only in white. Please advise small or large size.
* Purchase one unit- Color will also be available in black, plus get one free bonus hair towel of the same size in your choice of black or white.
* Two units- Additional color options are; burgundy and light gray. Both sizes are available going forward.
* Three units- Add on color options; sky blue, navy and charcoal.
* Four units- Matching border trim available on any selection of colors.
* Five or more units- Mix or match border trim with any color per unit selection plus a special price drop of 50 cents per hair towel.


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