Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions
Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions

Side sensor to protect tires and wheels

Sensor 4



Many people feel difficulty in pulling over or park your car and end up damaging the wheels and tires of the vehicle on the curb. Other, even well prepared to perform the task, at one time or another end up going through this situation and get bored with the result. To reduce the aesthetic risks and constraints that can happen in this situation, you can have the "Side sensor to protect tires and wheels during parking". This is a sensor that signals the moment when you is about to touch the tire or wheel along the curb, in any type of movement (with or without use of reverse). The invention allows the prior knowledge and precise a safe distance between tires, wheels, along the sidewalk, providing greater tranquility to you, with a margin of safety to park the car, with no risk of scratches, cracks, stains, etc.

Invented by: Paulo Gannam






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Benefits it offers:

1-keep your vehicle prized and in good condition 2- You can say goodbye to those expensive reforms of wheel. 3-You will have the satisfaction and tranquility in "let your wife" drive the vehicles. 4- Economy. There are wheels that can reach cost 2,500 euros (especially the light alloy wheels). 5-Wife doesn't have to worry about her husband that very cherishes the preservation of the vehicle 6-For you man or woman who feels that the defendant would not be so necessary, because your notion regarding the bumper is good, but that the notion regarding the side of car in time to pull over or park along the sidewalk is not very good. 7- Say goodbye to that famous embarrassment that we feel when we ran the wheels and tires on the pavement, while the audience is looking for us, and we felt those butterflies inside stomach

Benefits Exclusive to Market Financed Inventions Clients:

1-You'll be getting a simple product, purpose, and that does not diminish its ability to park as occurs with those expensive and complex systems of parking lots as "parking assist". 2-Using this sensor, you'll be saving a good amount with the reform of wheels.