Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions
Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions

Beauty light - beleza luz

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Description: Decorative Garden Light or Safety Light. • Effectively utilizes ambient light to produce more visible light. • Reduces dependency on electricity and batteries to power lights. • Doubles as enhanced safety reflectors for bicycles or other vehicles. • Illuminates decorations and ornaments for a unique look.  • Capable of re-directing light 360 degrees. • Diverts light in blind corners of a road or junction alerting pedestrians of on-coming traffic. May be of benefit in marine environments.

Invented by: Leif Levon






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Benefits it offers:
No batteries, solar panels or electric cables necessary to power an ornamental luminaire or safety light.

May be combined with a multitude of utility devices or fashion items.

The employment of techniques for collection of diffuse surrounding ambient light that act as energy sources to generate secondary visible light. Functions as a new type of hybrid lamp which evolved from light guided technology. Besides acting as a hybrid lamp the light guide system can behave as retro-reflectors of light with the added advantage that light is both generated within the unit as well as reflected to all cardinal points. The project relates to the ability of energy saving light systems to effectively use plasmonic and/or fluorescent nano particles in conjunction with reflectors and light guides, including optical prisms, to respond to surrounding light or other energy sources. The hybrid system thus operates in combination with conventional illumination devices or independently solely on ambient light enabling constant production of light emittance. Caltrans has suggested that a hybrid road marker called "Bott´s dots" may be of benefit if overall visibility is increased. USA could benefit as an exporter of road infrastructure if it became a manufacturer and supplier of such devices to Europe, Asia and other world markets. Light distributing units may be made in a variety of shapes, sizes,colours and forms in order to comply with road administrative authorities, capable of reflecting multi-directionally or 360 degrees, and provide clearer traffic guidance in all weather conditions. Light distributing units may also act as delineators such as tall pylons, traffic cones or bollards mounted along edges of roads and used to channelize traffic or inform about lane closures or generally to direct traffic. Ridged reflecting posts may be arranged to close a road or path, or allow access for service routes and emergency entrances and exits. Light distributing units may be glued to road surfaces, partially sunk and anchored to the tarmac or remain dynamic. Other Light distributing units may be modified and fashioned for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles. Retractable reflecting bollards, equipped with Light distributing units, may be lowered into the ground when necessary, and flexible reflecting flaps or fins may be deployed to allow vehicles to drive over them allowing access when needed. Other types of bollards in the shape of reflecting poles may be employed as gates in ski slopes or ski poles and sticks for skiers. General private and public gates and fences may be supplied with safety reflectors to enhance security as well as behaving decoratively. Light distributing units may of course also be used in combination with audio-visual studs. These are road studs which alert drivers of potential dangers by causing tactile vibrations and audible rumbling noises transmitted through a vehicles suspension mechanism. Warning triangles assembled with several Light distributing units, enable them to shine multi-directionally adding to road safety during vehicle break-down. Improved safety studs will not only increase security along highways and act as speed breakers, they are also useful near zebra crossings, construction sites, railway road crossings, hospitals, parking lots, schools, sign posts, guard rails and act as pavement and verge markers. Also suitable for aquatic environments, boats, harbours and piers as well as for internal or external architecture.

Benefits Exclusive to Market Financed Inventions Clients:
A) Exclusive right for a defined utility item.
B) Exclusive right for one or more countries.
C) Tailor made according to size and shape.
D) Exclusively adapted for a certain type of decorative ornamental piece or safety light.