Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions
Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions

Mirage: multiview tv

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This invention is registered under PCT.

(Patent Application No : PCT/MA14/000051.)


Awarded History:

  • Gold medal -World Invention and Innovation Contest, South Korea
  • Gold medal and Gold DecorationEurope France Invention / French Federation of Inventors
  • Silver medal - Geneva International Invention Show 2015, Switzerland
  • Diploma - Inventarium Science, Portugal
  • Silver medal - iENA International Invention Fair 2015, Germany
  • Special prize - Spanish Inventors Club, Spain


This device will help people to watch different video sources simultaneously on the same screen without glasses or any other accessories, where each person can watch only one video source depending on his point of view in relation to this screen. This device can be applied to all categories of displays of all sizes, which are able to stream pictures or videos: TV screens, smartphones and tablets, advertising billboard, cinema screens, LED displays, electronic photo frames, computer monitors, concert screens, etc.

For example, in a home, the installation of this device with a TV screen, will allow the father to watch a sports broadcast on a terrestrial television channel, the mother to follow a cooking show via satellite receiver and children to start a cartoon on DVD on the same TV screen. In this example, each family member will be able to watch only the video source which interests him and will not be able to watch the other video sources as they will be hidden in his point of vision even if that video sources can be viewed at the same time and on the same TV screen by other family members who are located in different viewpoints.


The pricing details will vary, depending upon the nature of the use for the Mirage invention. For example, the price of a Mirage invention for a commercial billboard will differ from the price of a Mirage invention for viewing pleasure at home or in the office space. This price will be provided to you upon your inquiry.

Invented by: Majid EL BOUAZZAOUI





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Benefits it offers:

·  To strengthen family’s relationships: To Allow a family to stay together in front of the same display while watching programs adapted to each one of its members; to facilitate parental control and to preserves the exchange and communication within the family.

·  To makes it possible to save money, energy and space.

·  To makes it easier to better target billboards advertising.

Benefits Exclusive to Market Financed Inventions Clients:

  • Negotiable installation arrangements and fees.