Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions
Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions


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Cratage is a combination of Cradle-bed and Cottage with multiple functions: hammocks for use outdoors, such as in the penthouse, lawn/yard, farm, park and beach/resort; and more particularly, a portable swinging bed with self-built cottage structures and/or utility covered with a removable roof or sunblocking parasol of modular parts for readily assembling and disassembling the components, having a removable net enclosure and non-transparent cover, all water-resistant, and provided with hand-carried pack bag for easy transporting and/or safekeeping.

The known hammocks or swinging beds are normally adapted to be attached to a pair of trees or vertical poles; however, there are many problems with the prior arts so considered, that is, the limited length of the known devices, which makes it difficult to connect the hammocks or swinging beds between adjacent poles or trees. These old-type models are made up of complicated parts, which are cumbersome and hard to disassemble and reassemble.

Also, the traditional hammock or swinging bed cannot allow our body to move freely in different positions and allows only one bending position. There is also no provision to block the sunshine in the manner of a beach parasol; and usually they do not have net enclosures for protection against flies and mosquitoes or other irritating insects. Moreover, these prior arts considered are made of complicated and bulky parts which are hard to store in a convenient storage, making transportation very difficult.


Invented by: Villamor O. Casiquin






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Accordingly, it is the primary object of the invention to solve the above drawbacks of the prior arts so considered, by creating a more convenient and comfortable hammock or cradle/swinging bed with modular and flexible structural components, portable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be readily stored in a convenient hand-carried pack/traveling bag.

Definitely, the "CRATAGE" can be utilized into different features, such as:

Portable Rest House with Swinging Bed - - - good for 2 persons

Portable Cottage - - - good for 6 sleeping persons

Extendable Open Tent - - - good for 20 bonding persons

Portable Car Shed/Cover - - - good for 1 parking vehicle (customized available)

Mobile Store - - - good for displaying a bulk of merchandise

TECHNOLOGICAL AND ECONOMIC BENEFITS (Environment and Economic Friendly)

The problems on global warming, pollution and economic crisis may oblige people to use CRATAGE for going out to stay in a fresh, cool and unpolluted places like seashores, beach and forest resorts, farms, gardens, lawns, etc. so as to avoid the uncomfortable situation brought about by the aforementioned problems. Using the CRATAGE also reduces the need for air conditioned rooms, and also provides a comfortable alternative during power outages. Trees are the closest partner of CRATAGE, wherein to stay or relax in a fresh and unpolluted space, therefore, people should be encouraged to never cut, but, to plant more trees as a contributory measure to prevent global warming.

The traditional cottages, rest houses, huts, sheds, & stores are susceptible to calamity destructions because these are not foldable and portable for safekeeping; while the CRATAGE can be folded and stored in a pack bag for keeping away from calamity destruction. The CRATAGE is also invented as an all-set family partner, especially during times of calamities, because it can be used as an instant family shelter, so as to avoid crowding in the evacuation center. Furthermore, CRATAGE would be a good option for NGOs and governmental use, during times of disasters and calamities. 

Benefits Exclusive to Market Financed Inventions Clients:

• Special negotiated price for long-term purchase contract 

• Special right for a customized-product per order

• Special delivery for special orders from other countries