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Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions

treatment lipstick — "purr creamstick"

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Note: All product photos used in this particular invention, are the products of Paul & Joe Beaute, do not belong to me, and are not affiliated with the innovation of this here invention, in any way. The ingredient list I've created here is also not affiliated with the Paul & Joe list of ingredients, in any way whatsoever. I am not paid by any companies or any manufacturers to create sample inventions for MFI.


Purr Creamstick (Forcyde Treatment Lipstick), is a cosmetic lipstick that treats forcyde conditions of the lips while delivering full color, comfort, moisture, and chic style all in one tube! 

There is an estimated 80% of the population of civilisation that is affected by forcyde spots, which is a non-communicable, non-infectious, harmless, painless skin condition caused by the overrepresentation of sebaceous glands in one's skin. When sebaceous glands show up on hairless areas on a person's body, such as on a person's lips, they produce forcyde spots. Sebaceous glands need human hair growth to utilise as points of sebum release and without these hairs present on the lips, we see the proliferation of forcyde spots instead. Though harmless and non-communicable, these spots present a cosmetic problem for women everywhere, who sometimes suffer from feelings of insecurity due to this condition. I wanted to develop a way to treat forcyde spots on the lips while inventing a product that would also double as a full-functioning, elegant cosmetic item (a chicly-designed lipstick). And that's how I came to develop Purr Creamstick. The name "Purr Creamstick" is derived from the shape of the lipstick itself, which is formed into a cat's face and head. Sometimes the lipsticks are embedded with "paw prints" instead of a cat's face. A "purr" is the sound a cat makes when feeling happy and content.

What causes the overrepresentation of sebaceous glands on the lips, to begin with? Research has shown that this may be in-born, but that this also may be caused by allergic reactions to cosmetic products such as lip balms, lipglosses and lipsticks (contact dermatitis). Some people are allergic to ingredients like mica, SLS, parabens, phthalates and petrolatums, all of which are present in most of your leading cosmetic lip products, today. Furthermore, many could also be allergic to specific natural ingredients such as cinnamon, rosemary and levender, which are natural ingredients often incorporated by the leading cosmetic companies in the world today. In my Purr Creamstick, I have removed all of the leading allergens in your ordinary lipsticks and have replaced them with certified organic ingredients that are proven to be non-allergenic, calming, and soothing. Though there are other cosmetic brands that have already done the same; the innovation of Purr Creamstick lies in the introduction of a medication to the formula of the lipstick, which is an active ingredient that penetrates the lips to speed up the exfoliation of the existing forcyde spots and to prevent more from recurring in the future. This key active ingredient, though very potent, is introduced in miniscule amounts in order to meet safety standards and ensure no harmful or allergic reactions. Coupled with the soothing effects of the other ingredients such as aloe vera and pure rose petal balm from Bulgarian roses, I have been able to create a product that not only beautifies; but heals, as well!

You may now feel the freedom of using a superior-quality, medicated, organic, hypoallergenic lipstick that cannot irritate your lips— and what's more— will treat your forcyde spot problems and prevent them from recurring in the future!

Ingredients (Certified Organic):

Pure Rose Petal Balm, derived from Bulgarian rose (Rosa Damascena) harvests 

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) water 

Peach (Prunis Persica) wax 

Peach (Prunus Persica) seed oil 

Peach (Prunus Persica) fruit pulp extract

May Contain: Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891)*, Iron Oxides (Ci 77491, Ci 77492, Ci 77499)*, Carmine (Ci 75470)*, Fd&C Blue No. 1 (Ci 42090), Fd&C Yellow No. 5 (Ci 19140), Fd&C Yellow No. 6 (Ci 15985), Fd&C Red No. 40 (Ci 16035), D&C Red 6 (Ci 15850), D&C Red 7 (Ci 15850), Manganese Violet (Ci 77742)* 

*All natural

Active Ingredients (Medication):

Phenol (Carbolic Acid) 0.54% and Isotretinoin (these active ingredients are replaced with Salicylic Acid and Vitamin E Acetate, for shipments to the EU and Canada where Phenol is a banned drug and Isotretinoin is heavily regulated.) 

NON-Ingredients (definitely does not contain):






4g/ 0.14oz.


Chic and cute standard lipstick packaging with environmentally friendly, enhanced cardboard casing.


Cost of shipping varies depending on your location and your prefered shipping method (express, int'l express, standard, int'l standard, USPS, etc.) Free shipping within United Arab Emirates.

Colour Chart: 

Please see colour chart available for viewing in images menu. 


  1. For a brief medical treatise on forcyde spots, please refer to this article and also to this one.
  2. For a very in-depth clinical medical report on forcyde experiment studies done in Korea, please refer to this report.
  3. For a brief discussion of how, "bumps on the lips" can be linked to contact dermatitis caused by allergic reactions to products, please refer to this short article.
  4. For an interesting read on discussions between patients on how the key ingredient in Blistex's Medicated "blue" lip balm (Phenol) has been effective at removing and reducing forcyde spots in individuals, please browse through this discussion forum
  5. For more information on the ingredient Phenol, please refer to this Wiki entry. Note: Phenol is not an all-natural, nor an organic ingredient. 



  1. If any of your ingredients do not pass the health regulations of a certain region, please be ready with substitute ingredients for that region, as I have exemplified above.
  2. It is good to discuss how your concept for your invention came to mind and what your purpose for creating it, is. You may include the discussion of how you chose the name for your invention, as I have exemplified above.
  3. As always, do make sure that the purpose of your invention is expressed clearly to the client within the first few seconds of reading your write-up.
  4. Don't deceive the client. If some of your ingredients are not organic, whilst all of the others are, it's still best to point out that the one (or two or three) active ingredient/s are not organic.
  5. When presenting cosmetic products, it is best to give a full list of ingredients and to point out which of these are active ones (if any). As with any other cosmetic product sold by the leading brands in the world today, it is needful to place the scientific names of your ingredients in the list, as well. 
  6. If an ingredient is certified organic; state that it is certified organic. If an ingredient is natural, state that it is natural.
  7. Though you have a lot to be excited about when presenting your product, don't come across as way too excited. Just list down the excellent traits in a professional way, so as not to come across sounding gimicky. You also don't want to sound too dry! So feel free to use an excalamation mark here and there, after all, your product is an amazing one! But don't sell it like a car salesman, because nobody wants to hear that.


Invented by: Joy Childs






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Intention to buy

Benefits it offers:

You have the benefit of treating your forcyde lip condition with a superb-quality, chic, cute and quirky lipstick! 
You benefit from the medication and from the soothing qualities of the certified organic ingredients.
These lipsticks are saturated in pigmentation, so even if you choose a lighter colour, I still guarantee saturated pigmentation that will show in photos and last past lunchtime! 
At least 6-hour wear time.
Fun to have, to own and to show!
Even the enhanced cardboard casing is fun to own and to show! It comes in a variety of designs as pictured in the images above, so you may choose which casing you would like to purchase and add to your sets.
You have the benefits of extra free items and free giftwrapping with very cute signature design packaging!
You may order in bulk.


  1. Most of the ingredients in my lipsticks are derived from the peach fruit. To learn more about the benefits of the peach fruit, please refer to this article and to this one.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee that your forcyde spots will disappear. However, I can guarantee you a product that will try hard to do the job!



  1. When it comes to cosmetic items, the benefits to list are really up-front and straightforward. Point out the benefits derived from the ingredients because this is the most important part and remind the client of other quirks that come with purchasing your product; such as free giftwrapping, free extra items, and the like.
  2. Don't forget to mention the wearability of your cosmetic products and their superb performance, as well. But don't lie! Make sure you run tests on a number of people before you say that your lipstick, for example, will wear for at least 6 hours. It should do what you say it will do.
  3. Don't promise that your products will 100% do something, if there is no logical, scientific proof that it can do just that. There is no way for any cosmetic item to have the same effect on every single person who tries it. There will always be differences in the performance of a cosmetic product treatment, that varies with each person's body chemistry. Be sure to point that out, as I have above.
  4. As usual, if you can link to any article/s where the client may learn more about beneficial ingredients you've used, or learn more about the benefits of your unique process, or anything that you think the client may be interested to learn more about, then do provide that link/those links.


Benefits Exclusive to Market Financed Inventions Clients:

  • With every set bought (3 pc. set; 6 pc. set; or 12 pc. set) you will be given the option to choose another free item (see images) to also take home for free. If you buy 3 lipsticks, you automatically qualify for the "set" free item (the unicorn coin purse); but as an MFI trustworthy client, I will also throw in another one for free (so this means you will take home two unicorn coin purses). If you buy 6 lipsticks, you automatically qualify for the 6 pc."set" free item (the printed kitten cosmetics pouch); but since you are my valued client, I will also throw in another free kitten cosmetics pouch PLUS a free unicorn coin purse, as well! Now, if you purchase 12 lipsticks, you automatically qualify to take home the large yellow kitten cosmetics organiser which is the free item for a set of your choice of 12 lipstick pcs.; but since you are an MFI client, I will give you two of these, as well as one free item from each of the other two sets (so this means you will take home 2 kitten cosmetics organisers, 1 kitten cosmetics pouch, and 1 unicorn coin purse).
  • For orders of fifteen pcs. and above, you will receive a 30% discount on your bulk purchase, PLUS the free items as detailed above.
  • Free giftwrapping option. Your choice of either black crepe paper wrapping or silver crepe paper wrapping inside a very cute signature design giftwrap packaging!
  • Note: All "sets" are lipstick colours of YOUR CHOICE. You create your own 3 pc., 6 pc. and 12 pc.  sets!



    1. When it comes to cosmetics, the more free items you can give away, the better! This is the way to the woman's heart! Trust me, I'm a woman and the only cosmetic brands I will purchase from, are those who provide me with free giftwrapping (so I may request it for myself), and free gift items (so I can use them myself or give them away to others). 
    2. Encourage bulk buying by offering a big discount when order reaches a minimum set value, as I have done above. 
    3. Encourage interaction with client by letting them take a part in building their own "sets". This is applicable to inventions such as lipsticks, nail polishes, skin care items, fragrances and etc. If your invention is an array of a variety of cosmetics, your client-made sets can consist of a a mix-and-match option from each of the different product varieties.