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Led lamp with adjusting the lightening

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Description of LED light invention with adjusting the lightening of every lamp

This subject is represented in 3 sections:

1. Problems expression about using the common light lamps

2. Giving a solution and investigation about how this invention can solve the problems

3. Description and explanation of patents and maps

4. Advantages of this patent


1. Problems expression about using the common light lamps:

   At first, we should give a brief expression about different kinds of light lamps and their functions:

        As we know, the first and most common light lamps are the string light lamps which convert 87% energy to heat and 12% to light; this yield is so low. Another problem of these lights is their emission angle which is 360° and the produced light is launched to around and places that do not need light (such as room ceiling and sky), so they waste some of energy by this way.

   Another kind of lamp is the gas lamp which is divided to low pressure and high pressure. We explain them briefly as follows:

·               Fluorescent gas lamps or moonshine lamps which are the most common of gas lamps and have 20% efficiency.

·               The sodium and mercury vapors lamps which are used for lightening of open spaces and their yields reach to 28%.

With combination of the mentioned characteristics of lamps, another kind of lamps namely Metal Halide lamps were made which their yields can reach 35% in best state.

The most problems of these lamps are their high voltages, high consumption, low yields and light distribution with 360° angle.

The latest and lowest consumption of lightening lamps are LED lamps which are divided according their consumption and we just study the lightening model in this manuscript.

LED lamps have high yield (160 Lumen for every watt of power consumption) and their low consumption in comparison of other lamps. They have a long term ages (nearly 90 years) and distribute the light in one direction with 180° angle because of their plane structures. It is worthy to be noted that these lamps work with power of 12 V DC. They just produce a high heat and it needs to dispose this heat by a fast and correct way. Also their application needs sufficient expertise and knowledge because of their high technology.

    One of the main problem of lightening is the enough and proportional light distribution. For achieve to best light distribution on desired area, it should be respected following points: uniformly, proportional and enough light distribution in mentioned area to achieve a desired lightening, prevention of light shadow creation and also decrease of light contamination and energy wasting. The value of lightening is determined for every place (the standard tables can be represented).

   Reaching a completely arbitrary and uniform light is impossible in all lights because lamps are constant in them and the designing of light relicense plane or lamps ordering in LED lamps can reach us to desired light distribution.

   In all lights, the light distribution is a manner that we have the high light concentration in low light and where move away from the lamp base, the light intensity is lowered and the light shadow is created in all the points.

   The science and technology advancement help us to build a better and more efficient lamps, however the proportional light distribution is still remained and should solve this problem to radiate an uniformly light without any light shadows, by this way we could save energy 40% and prevent the light contamination, also the beautiful and uniformly light will be produced.

   According to above contents, the light problem can be divided in two general sections:

1. The high consumption and low yields of most of lamps

2.  Inability of uniformly and enough light


 2. Giving a solution and investigation about how this invention can solve the problems:

The selected solution for the mentioned problems removal is:

        The utilization of the latest and lowest consumption lamps (LED) and my invention which allow us the fully adjustable and custom fit light scattering

        In this patent, we could design a simple and applicable mechanism which can adjust every lamp to achieve the most appropriate light distribution and solve the mentioned problems with utilization of best and lowest consumption lamps which improve other problems, too.


3. Description and explanation of patents and maps:

   The new and unique methods are used for these lamps preparation to remove heat and distribute light and lamps connections which is described as follows briefly:

In these lamps, the electricity wires are connected by platinum instead of solder, for the first time which these platinum materials are connected to lens body and input electricity wires by screw. The conservative screws which are connected to lamp cause the faster and simpler burned lamp exchange.

   Other initiatives of this invention is using a screw is the lens, lamp attachments to lamp and base; respectively instead of using silicon glues. Platinum, lens, lamp and base are connected and tight to each other with two screws which allow the enough transition and removal of heat and also the feasibility of lamp exchanging in case of problem.

    The main advantage of this invention is using of rotary base for adjustment of direction lightening of every lamp. So the lamps are installed to rotary and moveable base which is composed the pure copper (because of its high heat transfer coefficient) which allows the accurate and appropriate adjustment for these lamps to achieve an appropriate and desired light.

   Using the above methods causes this light to be the best light scattering among the built lights, because the displacement of every lamp can create a best light scattering for every place. This light can give a desired light, adjust every lamp in different sections and decrease the using of LED lamps with high price.

Invented by: Faramarz Sahraei






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Benefits it offers:

1.  The excellent light distribution because of using rotary bases

2. The lowest consumption due to high efficiency and low consumption and number lamps application

3. Availability to solar energy for supplying of electricity power of light

4. High life expectancy to 90 years

5. The appropriate and uniformly light scattering

6. Lack of eye daze because of lack of high concentration of light

7. The light shadows removal

8. Lack of light contamination

9. Possibility of light scattering adjustment to sites and different applications with one format and lack of various design requirements which reduces manufacturing costs

Benefits Exclusive to Market Financed Inventions Clients:

1. Low cost
2. The lowest consumption
3. Availability to solar energy for supplying of electricity power of light
4. High life expectancy to 90 years