Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions


There are not many more things to know about Market Financed Inventions. It’s intentional: we wanted to be as simple and clear as possible.

  1. Navigating the main screen
  2. Registering an Intention to Buy and buying an invention
  3. Registering an invention
  4. Invention Description
  5. Benefits of the invention
  6. Benefits Offered Exclusively to Market Financed Inventions Trustworthy Clients
  7. Delivery Time
  8. Sales to Launch
  9. Launch Price
  10. What if my invention comes in different alternative designs
  11. Binding scope when clicking the Intention to Buy button
  12. Market Financed Inventions Youtube Channel




Navigating the main screen

On the Market Financed homepage you can browse through all the inventions registered. When you pass your cursor over any invention, you will see its Launch Price  and the total Intentions to Buy already registered. Clicking any invention will show you a page with further details and a larger picture of the invention. From here you may register your Intention to Buy one or more units. If you click Description, you will access to all details about the invention.

At the top of the screen, you can activate a filter for one of the Categories listed in different colors, just by clicking on it. To clean the filter and see all inventions, click on our logo at the top left of the screen.



Registering an Intention to Buy and buying an invention

In our platform, you can’t immediately buy a product, because it most likely doesn’t exist yet: it will only be produced when enough users have registered an Intention to Buy to cover production costs. You can register an Intention to Buy to make it viable for the inventor to produce the invention you are interested in.

Registering your Intention to Buy is very simple and straightforward:

  1. In the homepage you can find different categories and inventions. Select any invention you like. When you click on it, it immediately opens a window with the most important information related to the invention. The only step is to mark your Intention to Buy as may units as you’d like.

  2. When the invention reaches the amount stipulated by the inventor to proceed with the manufacturing, we will e-mail you the option to purchase your invention, converting the  Intention to Buy into an order. You’ll receive the order within the Delivery Time set.



Registering an invention

It's simple to add your Invention to our website, but we provide you with the full details below.  Click here if you wish to skip the instructions and add your invention right now.

  1. To register your invention with us, click on New Invention at the top right corner of the website and fill in all the details about your invention.

  2. If you don't have all the data requested, you can always add it later with our help.

  3. The most relevant information you should start with is a clear description of the features and advantages of your invention, its target users and special benefits you will offer exclusively  to Market Financed Inventions’ clients.

  4. Don’t forget to set the Estimated Price end user and the Launch Price - a special price you will offer only to Market Financed Inventions’ customers for being pioneers (first adopters).

  5. Estimate your Sales to Launch, which is the minimum number of units you need to sell to make the production viable. Sales to Launch and Launch Price are the critical variables you need to think about to be sure you get all the funds necessary to launch your invention. We will always be available if you need support in these calculations.

  6. We will review all the information you submitted about your invention before confirming and presenting it the website.

  7. Wait for our team of experts and advisors to help you on the best market strategy: put your invention to the test by directly assessing buyer’s interest. If you wish, seek patent protection before divulging your invention - our community can offer advice on this matter as well.

  8. Promote your invention according to our proposals.

  9. When there are more Intentions to Buy than Sales to Launch, your invention has already enough market to be produced and delivered.

  10. To get paid, just make sure you are able to deliver your invention to all customers that converted their Intentions to Buy in orders. We will help you with the delivery logistics.




It is  self-explanatory caption for your invention in the MARKET FINANCED INVENTIONS home page. 
Choose a comprehensive, but strong, appealing and friendly name for your invention. 
It is not required to have a registered trademark, even though you may choose to do so, before or after submitting your invention to MARKET FINANCED INVENTIONS.

Not more than 3 or 4 words! Only the  first  16 charecters will appear in the first page, when someone mouse over the invention picture. 







The first 50 words should be an attractive summary of this description

Remember, make the pitch! We will use it in the intermediate screen of the invention. This is your one shot, make it sell! 

It is a concise, but comprehensive description of your product which potential buyers may use to better understand your invention. 

This field should contain two things: 1) the technical domain to which the product pertains to; and 2) a description of theessential features of the invention which make it unique and stand out; over related products already in the market. 

The description should have a clear statement of the inventions functionality/utility, besides it should be also drafted as to allow a clear understanding of the technical/practical problem/need your invention is aimed to solve. 



Benefits Offered Exclusively to Market Financed Inventions Trustworthy Clients

The first 25 words should be an attractive summary of all the benefits you list here. We will use in the intermediate screen of the invention. It must sell!  List all the benefits your inventions offers to its users and you are proud of.

Be clear, honest, genuine and keep it simple

Rembember: The better your description is, the higher is the possibility that the users wants to buy your invented product!




Benefits of the invention

Here you should list concisely all the benefits the invention offers to its users. 
Remember: the better you describe all the benefits, higher will be  the probability of someone seeing the invention\'s benefit as equating to the solution for a particular] need.. It follows, be simple but exhaustive.
As a starting point, think about all the benefits it may offer. Moreover, be clear, hones and genuine.

To clarify, just promise what you are proud and sure the product delivers.




Intention to Buy

By clicking the Intention to Buy option the potential buyers declare that they intend to buy the invention if it comes to market with the conditions defined. It’s not an order but a pre-order. The Intentions to Buy will only be converted in orders when the total number of intentions reaches the Sales to Launch required.




Delivery Time

The Delivery Time is the time in days a buyer will have to wait to receive the invention, counting from the moment when its production starts, which is when the number of Intentions to Buy on the website surpass the Sales to Launch.




Sales to Launch

Sales to Launch are the minimum sales required to make the invention viable or to bring it to the market.  When the total Intentions to Buy reach this value, inventors know that they have enough sales to cover production costs and launch their product.




Launch Price

Launch Price is what an invention will cost when it is first released. This is a very low price for an invention, since the main goal of the inventor at this stage is to bring a device to market as quickly as possible. The low price is a reward to the first customers or pioneers for their trust and support. After a successful launch through Market Financed Inventions, inventions will follow their normal route to the market, with a higher price.






What if my invention comes in different alternative designs?

You may wish to supply your invention in different shapes, colors or patterns, to appeal to every potential buyer’s preferences. If that is the case, we recommend you submit each model as a different invention on our website.

You can still choose to display all the available models in one invention page only. But don't forget to account for the production costs of having different options for your product design.



Binding scope when clicking the Intention to Buy button

Potential Buyer be at ease. Clicking on the Intention to Buy is not the same as placing an order for that particular invention and does not bind you to the inventor or Market Financed Inventions in any way.

It sounds all to good to be true, but let us explain. Market Financed Inventions uses Intention to Buy as the criterion for validating an invention. When the required number of Intentions to Buy meet the required target, Market Financed Inventions uses this minor milestone as to justify the start of the invention’s financing process. At that same time, you will be notified to confirm if you are still interested in the invention and wish to place an actual order. If you are not interesed, no order in your name will be placed. You can even cancel your intention to buy prior to this stage, if you wish. No questions asked!

However, please keep in mind that you should only signal an intention to buy if you are really interested in buying the invention. We would like to be as accurate as possible in making the production of inventions viable and cost-effective.