Market Financed Inventions - It's a unique just-in-time financing system that brings to market useful inventions


Market Financed Inventions is a groundbreaking global network that empowers inventors by helping them launch new devices directly to a market of pioneers.

It provides inventors with the expertise of a community of advisors, enablers and innovation experts committed to launching inventions in a fast, fair and transparent way.

Market Financed Inventions doesn’t drop inventors into shark tanks. Here, the sole judge of the potential of any invention is the market. Inventions that meet urgent needs and target underserved markets can succeed the help of a daring community of experts and entrepreneurs.

Market Financed Inventions allows markets pioneer access to innovations that could take decades to reach the spotlight. It is an opportunity to acquire something useful, unique and tailored at a very attractive and fair launching price.

Its a simple, transparent, social and economically useful way to leverage people’s creative potential. It unlocks the potential inventor in all of us. It can be accessible from anywhere, anytime, using any device with Internet access.

All the world will benefit from the ideas that are in the minds or drawers of thousands of anonymous inventors everywhere.







Imagine a world where problems are ephemeral. A world changing towards what you want it to be. A world where you're encouraged to dream more. To dream bigger. To do.

A world driven by people for people. A world of relationships instead of transactions. Where money is a tool, not an issue. Where offer and demand are gestures rather than laws. Where work is not only challenging, but also meaningful, fun and engaging. Where you are paid to do what needs to be done. To dream bigger. To do.

Imagine a world where the Da Vincis of today build successful, sustainable businesses in a quick, fair, transparent way. A world that empowers inventors by connecting them directly to society. Where markets feed creativity, progress and social change, not an intricate machine of intermediaries. A world without unnecessary bureaucracy, where the future doesn’t have to be faraway: it can happen right now.

A world where a community of talented and experienced professionals is committed to delivering inventions to the ones that need them the most, just in time.

Imagine a world of missionaries instead of mercenaries. A world of cooperation instead of conflict. A world of dolphins instead of sharks. A world of oceans instead of tanks. A world of trust. This is our dream and you are a part of it. What is yours?

Market Financed Inventions. Dreams matter.





The Market Financed Inventions system reduce the time it takes for an idea to become available to everyone. By launching ideas quickly to their pioneer markets, the unnecessary costs normally associated with bringing new products to market are reduced.

Through Market Financed Inventions, inventors only start production of their devices when there are enough intentions to buy (pre-orders) made, which makes it viable to produce and deliver new inventions just in time.

Consumers get exactly what they want, when they want it.





Do you ever look at a problem, an obstacle or a need wandering about solutions and improvements?

We are offering anonymous inventors the possibility to realize their full potential. We commit to delivering solutions to the ones who need them the most, with the help of a community of advisors, entrepreneurs and pioneers.

We believe in the endless power of creativity in people. We want to demystify the invention process, ensuring that the inventor and the users of the invention are the ones who benefit the most.

If you have an idea that can be translated into a unique and useful invention register it in Market Financed If you do not possess the means to design or prototype it, we can help you pitch and present it to your potential customers, identify their interest and ask for their feedback. We partner with you to produce and distribute your invention.

You don't have to be a Business, Sales or Marketing professional to receive a fair profit from your ideas.


Our dream is to make everyone a missionary. What is yours?





  • First step: Inventors submit Inventions after creating their very own Invention Profile Page. 

Besides personal information about the Inventor on the Profile Page, an Invention’s submission includes product description, benefits, intellectual rights, manufacturing details, “delivery time”, selling price, “minimum sales to launch” and other information requested at the invention profile page.

  • Second step: Market Financed Invention´s Innovation Experts evaluate submitted Inventions  at their sole discretion, taking into consideration a variety of factors.

Market Financed Inventions may request additional information. 

Inventors may withdraw an Invention from evaluation at any time prior to being selected by Market Financed Inventions for the market validation process. 

  • Third step: With Market Financed Inventions’ pre acceptance of the Invention, an email will be submitted to the Inventor, prior to product market launch.
  • Fourth step: Market launch is a joint venture among inventors, buyers and Market Financed Inventions. In other words, it is a collaborative effort. Besides aggressive promotion over the net, communities, groups, blogs and other media sponsored by Market Financed Inventions, one would expect buyers and inventors to intensely use their respective social networks to promote the invention through viral marketing. At the end of the day, who better to promote your invention than yourself! 
  • Fifth step: When the established target reaches enough intentions to buy to make the invention viable, as previous defined by the inventor, buyers will be invited to place their orders and subsequent payment subject to delivery in perfect conditions. 

PAYPAL and other recognized companies such as DHL or FedEx will be involved in the online payment and delivering process. This way, high quality customer service and full security for buyers, inventors and Market Financed Inventions is ensured.

  • Sixth step: With orders and payment warranty in place, inventor will start the manufacturing and delivery process, until all ordered units are fully delivered and confirmed by the buyers. 

Non-monetary benefits known as “Market Financed Inventions benefits” may be exclusively offered to buyers.

Within 2 weeks of receiving from the financial services company, i.e. Paypal, the lump sum of the invention’s total net revenue, Market Financed Inventions will first forward 75% of the invention’s total net revenue to the Inventor. For its part, Market Financed Inventions will retain the remaining  25% of total net revenue.  

At the end of the process, only if legally entitled, Inventor keeps full intellectual property rights deriving from the invention/ initial product idea embodied in any medium of expression developed by him or she.







We are in experimental mode. Your feedback is welcome!